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Glaucoma eye care in Layton

Fear and worry about vision loss, blindness, and eye damage can be eased by getting the peace of mind that comes with a yearly screening for glaucoma here at Mountain View Eye Center. It’s an eye disease that comes in sneakily, without any symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. Don’t wait around for it to affect you.

The source of glaucoma is that your eyes are making more fluid than they can drain. The result, not surprisingly, is that fluid builds up inside your eyes. This causes an alarming increase of the pressure inside your eyes. Most of the time, glaucoma is a steadily progressing condition, but it can move more quickly if spurred by an eye injury, chemical contamination, eye inflammation, or infection. Both eyes are usually impacted, but one may have it worse than the other. Although your best course of action is being proactive and seeing our Layton eye doctor once per year, if you do notice any of the following indications, it’s vital that you don’t hesitate to contact our office: loss of vision, eye redness, eye pain, halos appearing around light in your field of vision, tunnel vision, haziness in the eye, nausea, and vomiting. Our Layton eye doctor will conduct a complete eye examination, including the key test of tonometry, which measures your internal eye pressure. There are three treatment options that are typically considered. The simplest is the application of medicated eye drops that reduce fluid production. However, you would need to continue taking them for life, and they don’t work well for everyone. Laser treatments and microsurgery can offer you a more permanent remedy.

Whether you are symptomatic or you would simply like to get an annual screening for glaucoma, reach out to us to arrange an appointment to be seen by our Layton eye doctor.

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