Layton PRK surgery

Layton PRK Surgery

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Laser eye surgery offers impressive benefits in long term vision correction. You may have heard of LASIK, but are you familiar with PRK? Here at Mountain View, we want you to know about the benefits of this safe, effective alternative to the more famous type of laser vision correction.

PRK is short for photorefractive keratectomy, and it is useful for addressing nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The success of the procedure is represented in the numbers. As many as 95% of patients who have it done are able to experience vision of at least 20/40, with 80% or more reaching 20/20, or what is typically thought of as normal vision. Is our Layton PRK surgery better than LASIK? No, it’s not a matter of better, but rather which is best suited to your unique circumstances so that you can achieve the desired result, namely to have sharper and clearer vision. Some people who cannot have LASIK done are able to get PRK instead, for example. When you come in for a consultation and examination, our eye doctor will take a medical history, and perform any applicable testing as a way to determine what your options are. Before you come in, stop wearing your contact lenses in advance of testing. Our office will advise you of the time frame to observe. Our Layton PRK surgery is simple and complications are rare. You may either end up being able to discard your existing eyeglasses or contact lenses entirely thanks to the results you get, or you will need them far less than you do now, and with a weaker prescription than you currently use.

Why not have the best vision that you can have? If you would like to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements for being a candidate for our Layton PRK surgery, just reach out to our office to book an appointment.

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